Trevor is our Senior Intern, an Academic Scholar, International Business Major and speaks fluent Japanese!  Trevor manages all aspects technical and audio program editing, formatting and distribution to various media outlets.  He aspires to work with Multi-National Corporations in Marketing and Product Development upon graduation in 2016!

Welcome to the Wit & Wisdom of Mimi Uncensored! 

Mimi Uncensored – Advice Guru, Lifestyle & Growth Advisor is a radio personality who does a weekly relationship advice segment for Lesbe Real Radio Talk, posted on  Mimi believes that society's opinion of acceptable language and behavior in interpersonal relationships is at times, misguided. The energy we allow into our lives from lovers, friends, and family members can create confusion, stress, and trauma or peace, stability, and contentment depending on the choices we make, how we communicate, and the action we take in response to our circumstances. Mimi is charming, candid, and witty, but also sincere in her approach and brings clarity to the simplest as well as some of life's more complicated relationship and life experiences.  Mimi offers advice and suggestions that will bring you back to reality with her no nonsense 'keeping it real' philosophy of life.

Twitter: @MimiUncensored                Facebook:   Mimi Uncensored   

LesBe Real Media - a Philadelphia based multi-media Company that offers platforms for witty, candid, and informative discussion topics, news, views, arts & entertainment.  We have clear and unwavering goals to support individuals with a focus on Inclusion!

Jennifer Bullock, M.Ed., M.L.S.P., LPC is director of The Philadelphia Social Therapy Group, here she works with individuals, groups, couples and families. Jennifer is a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in the mental health and child welfare fields.

Jennifer holds a Master’s Degree from Temple University in Counseling Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Law and Social Policy from Bryn Mawr College’s School of Social Work and Social Research.  She holds an adjunct faculty position at Community College of Philadelphia, teaching Psychology courses.

Jennifer has a passion for the power of creativity to help us grow emotionally and in our relationships.  She is a seasoned trainer of creative, performatory approaches to helping people at work, home and community advance conversation, productivity and emotional healing.  Jennifer writes a self-help blog that offers unconventional, unique approaches to our everyday life struggles and adventures with one another.

As a community activist and youth advocate, she is founder of an all-volunteer community theater project, PCIC, which helps actors and non-actors from diverse backgrounds perform together. Jennifer is a long-time grass roots political organizer for fair and democratic elections.

As a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, her activism is currently focused on outreach to  underserved communities to practice yoga and meditation.  She and her partner love gardening, bird-watching, hiking, and spending time with all of their pets, adopted and fostered.

 Contact Jenn at

Jess Branas

Dating Coach & Radio Personality

Jess Branas is a teacher, dating coach and author outside of Philadelphia. Through her beginnings with the original blog and website, Drinks with Jess, she offers dating advice and coaching with a unique edge: providing lesbians no-nonsense, straight forward advice to understanding your mind in order to navigate the lesbian dating scene. Relatable yet assertive, Jess leaves nothing to the imagination in her wide-ranging and thorough discussions of dating in the modern world.

Jess' interest in non-verbal communication stems from her background as a professional Latin dancer and instructor in Pittsburgh, PA. Born and raised in Lancaster, PA Jess returned to the Philadelphia area in 2005 to take her experience of utilizing body language, eye contact and confidence building techniques from the dance floor to the classroom as a Spanish teacher. Jess allowed her knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching and socializing turn into hosting adult workshops and seminars in the Tri-State area on her favorite topics: women and dating. in 2014, with the release of her first book, Seeking Her, Knowing You, Jess seeks to motivate self reflection among its targeted female audience. Despite the intent of "women seeking women," the content of this book is applicable to any person desiring to attract another by means of self-confidence, body language, and an objective frame of mind. Unconventional, funny, and raw, Jess hopes to bring thought provoking discussions and answers to LesBe Real listeners.

Twitter:     @DWJPHL                   Facebook:  DWJ         

Mimi Uncensored

LifeStyle & Growth Adviser

Trevor Sadler

Technical Lead & Program Editor

Kati 'Jazz' Gray-Sadler


Kati  'Jazz' Gray-Sadler  rewrites the rules as Radio Personality  and Producer/CEO of LesBe Real Radio Talk! Jazz's mesmerizing voice, candor and infectious laugh has become the trademarks for LesBe Real Radio Talk boasting more than 80,000 monthly listeners through the weekly broadcast on Gtownradio, MIXCLOUD Podcast and WKDU 91.7FM!

 Jazz is no stranger to success with her booming consultant firm, Gray-Sadler Enterprises, Inc., as well as, running JazzyOne Productions, a film and stage production company committed to providing a platform for performing art enthusiast. 

In 2005, Jazz published best-selling self-help guide, Introducing ROE, Rules of Engagement, featuring 32 witty, candid and informative discussion topics about the social etiquette of same gender loving couples.

Following a successful corporate career with Multi-Nationals like CIGNA Worldwide in London, England and AIG in NYC, in 1999, Jazz was elected Mayor of Chesilhurst, NJ, a borough in Camden County.  She made history by becoming the first Mayor in New Jersey to win a Mayoral Election by Personal Choice votes which later went on to change voter laws and influence what’s now the ‘Help America Vote Act of 2002.
She made Philadelphia her home 2001 with a clear commitment to use her media platform to give voice and acknowledgment to underserved and marginalized communities.

Twitter:     ​@VenusAirwaves         

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DeAnn Cox

Executive Producer & Program/Music Director

DeAnn Cox (aka Foxee Coxxy) born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, now resides in the heart of South Philly. She is the founder and producer of Southern New Jersey LGBTQA Pride. DeAnn diversifies LesBe Real Radio Talk's "Social Edition" - BuzzDTrends. ​DeAnn co-mingles mainstream news and entertainment with social buzz-worthy trends. 

DeAnn's work has been highlighted by Philadelphia Gay News, Social Therapy Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer, Temple University, Chestnut Hill Local Newspaper, Philly Trans March, and New Jersey's Courier Post. In 2013, DeAnn was awarded by the Camden County Board of Freeholders as a Woman of Distinction.    

DeAnn regularly volunteers at the Mazzoni Center, Delaware Valley Legacy Fund, LWRAC, SHARE Food Program, The Ronald McDonald House, William Way Center, March of Dimes, Breast Cancer and AIDS Walks.   

Foxxee Coxxy put the "B" in LGBTQ! She's excited to bring her open, diverse, & risque to the microphone! 

Twitter:       @FoxeeCoxxy Facebook: BuzzDTrends Instagram:   @LickMyCox  

Jennifer Bullock

Living Wellness Coach